7 Incredible Walk In Closet Ideas And Organization Designs

Walk in Closet Ideas – A walk-in closet is desired because it gives you easy access to all of your clothes and accessories. Unlike a reach-in closet which mostly requires you to rummage through layers of your clothes and accessories, a walk-in closet allows you to go into the closet and to find your desired clothing articles immediately.

A walk-in closet, however, can offer maximum benefits only if you design it correctly. Here we will see some advantages of using walk-in closet and the best walk in closet ideas that give you clear clues of how to design the best walk-in closet.


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The Pros and Cons of Having a Walk-in Closet

Having a walk-in closet can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Here are the pros and cons of having a walk in closet ideas.

Pros Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet is not only a storage space for your clothes, but also a small dressing room with a mirror in it.
Walk-in closet is a small room usable for tidying up your clothes. You can install an ironing board on it and smooth out your clothes without leaving the closet.
If your walk-in closet is large enough, you can use it together with your spouse and even children. Getting dressed can thus be done together by the whole family.
Walk-in closet is great for privacy and safety. You can enjoy complete solitude while changing dresses and storing precious belongings in a walk-in closet is safer than in a wardrobe.
Walk-in closet allows better organization. You can enjoy more freedom in storing your accessories, hanging your clothes, or folding and storing them inside drawers.

Cons Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet is not suitable for house with limited space. The closet area takes as much space as the one taken by a bathroom.
If not maintained and taken care of properly, a walk-in closet can be a big mess.
Walk-in closet often requires separate electrical installation for lighting.



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The pros and cons above illustrate that if you have enough space inside your home for a walk-in closet, if you can stay committed in its maintenance, and if electrical bill is not an issue, then a walk-in closet is perfect for you.

Walk in Closet Ideas to Design

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To make sure that your walk-in closet gives you the most benefits without causing trouble, you should use the best walk in closet ideas to plan, design and organize your closet. Here are several ideas that you can adopt to design an efficient walk-in closet.

Plan Ahead


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Walk-in closet construction requires proper planning. You need to measure the amount of space that you can use for the closet, the length of its walls, whether it is wider than it is long or vice versa, and any obstacles, such as plumbing pipes and electrical outlets, which you have to deal with during the construction.

Remember that your walk-in closet requires its own lighting system, so you also need to plan it as well. You can either consult an interior designer or use a 3D program like the one pictured below to plan your walk-in closet design.

Make Use of Space Smartly


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The space for a walk-in closet is generally limited. You need to make use of its space smartly to avoid wasting the precious space in your walk-in closet area. While planning, you can start by specifying the places where you want to install your hanging rods. The remaining space can then be filled with drawers and racks.

Corners and ceiling can also be exploited for storage purpose. If possible, avoid using tall cabinets and furniture that lie on floor because they are difficult to move when cleaning.

Wall-mounted fixtures are always better not only because of their space-saving characteristic, but also because walk-in closet maintenance will be easier with nothing solid and heavy covering its floor. If you plan the space usage properly, you can efficiently design your walk-in closet without making it look cramped.

Organize The Storage Space Efficiently


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You need to plan the placement of various storage units that you will use in your walk-in closet efficiently. Accessories and stuff that are rarely used should find their place in harder to reach areas, such as high above your cabinet near the ceiling.

Clothes and accessories that you frequently wear, on the other hand, should be placed in a more accessible areas. You also need to specify the space for your casual clothes that you wear every day and formal clothes that you wear only on special occasions.

Proper organization will help you take care of your walk-in closet as well as your clothes easily and conveniently.

Be Flexible


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Flexibility is an important matter when you are designing your walk-in closet. If you will use your walk-in closet together with your partner, you need to make sure that everything is adjustable. You need, for example, to install a hanger that perfectly accommodates your height and that of your partner.

If you use a fixed hanger that is adjusted to your height, your partner’s clothes will be wrinkled at the bottom. If you use the one adjusted to their height, you will waste precious space underneath your clothes. An adjustable hanging closet rod like the one pictured below will certainly do the job better.

Mind The Atmosphere


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Atmosphere is important because it determines whether your walk-in closet will feel cramped or comfortable. It is even more important especially if you plan to use your walk-in closet as a grooming area.

To create a soothing atmosphere, you need to make sure that your walk-in closet has excellent storage arrangement, that it gets enough lighting, that you allocate enough empty space to breathe, and that you decorate it properly.

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Sometimes, even paint color and furniture style may give a significant effect to the atmosphere of your walk-in closet.

You can have a great walk-in closet by adopting these ideas. Remember that if you design your walk-in closet incorrectly, correcting it will be both difficult and costly, so make sure that you make the best plan by adopting the best walk in closet ideas if you plan to have a walk-in closet at home.

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